100% behind ‘New Zealand Story’

Government has today launched the New Zealand Story which will help companies gain competitive advantage by building a strong, consistent profile for New Zealand exporters in international markets.

The New Zealand Story was first outlined in the Building Export Markets progress report in August 2012 as part of the Government’s Business Growth Agenda and received initial baseline funding of $1 million, plus a further $2 million in May as part of Budget 2013.

The project answers a call from smaller business, in particular, which have been calling for a New Zealand Story that explains what New Zealand has to offer and what makes this country unique, says Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce.

“it’s not about replacing Tourism New Zealand’s 100 percent pure branding. That has been a remarkable success and will continue to be at the heart of our international tourism brand.”

The New Zealand Story has been developed over the last year with extensive input from leaders in the primary sector, manufacturing, wider government, services, export education and Māori and has been tested in six key and emerging markets. In total, 200 people from 40 organisations in New Zealand and overseas were consulted.

The development has the strong support of meat company Silver Fern Farms – one of those contributors.

Sharon AngusSilver Fern Farms’ general manager marketing Sharon Angus says marketers who are promoting their products and services will be encouraged by the clear messaging of the Government’s Business Growth Agenda-driven programme.

“This is great news. We strongly believe our New Zealand businesses need to be promoted to the world around the stories of our people and provenance.”

“We are a little country that needs to be greater than the sum of our parts. It’s about generating critical mass. If exporters use the tools being developed by this project to hone in on these key common elements in our story we’ll build greater awareness of New Zealand when we market ourselves overseas, to the benefit of each other.”

The New Zealand Story’ is designed to communicate New Zealand’s distinct and unique attributes to help New Zealand companies gain a competitive advantage in international markets. It complements a strategy Silver Fern Farms has leveraged through its marketing of premium branded red meat export products.

“Silver Fern Farms has made considerable progress in building our brand in international markets with an approach that highlights the fact we are ‘100% Made of New Zealand’.”

Silver Fern Farms was awarded a ‘Best Effect Design Award’ in 2012 for its brand which was developed with their design agency Designworks, who are a key agency in the development of the ‘New Zealand Story’.

“We export to more than 60 countries. We support this strong New Zealand umbrella story that will help build our presence in those markets in a way that backs our brand.”

Angus was one of a group of leaders from private sector businesses who contributed to the development of the initiative.

“Considerable thought has gone into how New Zealand businesses across differing sectors can work under the ‘New Zealand Story’ in a way that portrays who we are in a simple manner that achieves cut- through in a crowded global market.”

“The New Zealand Story is one all sectors can rally around. Elements of the story highlight attributes of our people – our welcoming nature, our integrity and our widely recognised resourcefulness.”

The core idea of the New Zealand Story is that New Zealand is Open to the New. The invitation to the world is: “Welcome to the country of open spaces, open hearts and open minds.”

A toolkit of resources for the private and public sector has been created that will be available at www.story.newzealand.com  – this includes key messages, imagery, video, music and guidelines for use. View the video at www.story.newzealand.com/story.

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