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Ali Spencer, editor, MeatExportNZWe’re keeping up the good work. MeatExportNZ continues to evolve and is still going strong, with a monthly average (year-to-date) of 4,100 views per month. If you’re a regular reader, thanks for your support!

We’ve made some recent changes too, which you might have noticed:

  • It’s Iron Awareness Week this week in New Zealand and you might have noticed that we’ve changed the header image to support the week (see  This is something we’ll do from time to time for a worthy cause…
  •  We’ve created separate Hot Plate pages for beef & lamb and for venison, which will allow us to feature recipes each month on the Hot Plate page, like Sophie Wright’s new venison recipe. Contributions always welcome!
  •  We’ve added the Twitter Feed to the front page, and have
  • Combined the Links and Contact page.

Suggestions are always welcome.

You might have noticed too that we are trialling Google AdSense which was added to the website last month. Early results show that this will bring in a very small income stream for the blog, but we are still reserving the prime spots for our private advertisers/supporters.

If you’d like to support us with advertising, find out more – or if we can assist you with anything else – contact me at

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