A year has passed …

LischeA year has passed since I wrote my note, goes the Message in a Bottle lyric from the Police classic.

It’s also been a year since I released MeatExportNZ into the blogosphere. To date, we have had nearly 10,000 visitors and about 3,000 regularly stop by to have a look at what the industry is up to. If you’re one of those, thank you for supporting us. You don’t need telling that it’s a critical time for the New Zealand meat industry.

In the remarkable year that’s gone, China has risen rapidly to become New Zealand meat’s top market by volume and continues in that vein, proven by the disruption to trade when NZ meat export certificates were refused by the market’s import authorities ASQIS because of a paperwork issue. We’ve had a 70 year drought, which caused a glut of meat and will result in scarcity later in the year. Better prices than last year were scuppered by the exchange rate, which has now lifted, thankfully.

On the political front, we’ve had a change of Primary Industries Minister from David Carter (now Speaker of the House) to Nathan Guy and Meat Industry Excellence has been conceived and progressed to the point of appointing a new ‘Tight Five’ to chivvy along red meat industry reform.

What the next year, and future years, will bring may be revealed at next week’s Red Meat Sector Conference, which MeatExportNZ will be covering.

See you there?

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