Alliance welcomes RMPP

Leading meat processor and exporter Alliance Group has added its welcome to yesterday’s launch of the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP), a collaboration between government, agribusinesses and farmers.

Grant Cuff, Alliance Group.Grant Cuff, chief executive of Alliance Group, says: “We welcome this collaborative programme and its key aim of helping to improve farm performance, productivity and profitability.

“Alliance Group is looking forward to contributing to the knowledge and capabilities of those working in the red meat sector and exploring better ways to deliver information and tools to support farmers making key decisions for their business.

“This programme will play a key role in ensuring the sustainable profitability of the sector and boosting New Zealand’s export earnings.”

The initiative is also a key milestone in the implementation of the Red Meat Sector Strategy.

“Alliance Group has invested significantly in technologies such as hoofprint, VIAscan®, Central Progeny Test trials and research into sheepmeat eating quality, which all aim to assist suppliers to produce high quality livestock and improve farm productivity.”

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