Average values increase, lamb exports $2 bn+ in first nine months of season

Average values for New Zealand lamb, mutton and beef/veal increased in the first nine months of the year, while lamb exports rose above $2 billion for only the fourth time in history and beef and veal exports rose to the second highest level ever recorded, new data shows.

Beef + Lamb NZ Ltd (B+LNZ) has released combined lamb, mutton and beef/veal export statistics for the first nine months of the 2013-2014 export season (1 October 2013 to 30 June June 2014).

Average values for lamb, mutton, beef/veal increased during the main export months of January to June, despite the high New Zealand dollar, says B+LNZ. A smaller national lamb crop flowed through to reduced lamb export volumes. However, for only the fourth time in history, lamb exports exceeded $2 billion FOB (Free on Board) in the first nine months of the season.

The figures show the 2013-2014 season has seen high levels of mutton processing, but this is starting to drop off and is expected to continue easing until the end of the season. The high mutton throughput reflects early processing and is the impact of dairy conversions. Meanwhile, beef and veal exports were up, with higher volumes exported since April.

October 2013 to June 2014 exports

Annual change (%)
Tonnes $ FOB $ FOB per tonne
Lamb -3.6 10.5 14.6
Mutton 17.1 32.1 12.9
Beef and Veal 4.4 5.8 1.3

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