Back to back gold for Preston’s

Rod Preston, owner and managing director of Prestons Master Butchers with the award-winning Turingia BratwurstPreston’s Master Butchers has won the prestigious New Zealand’s Best BBQ Sausage title for the second consecutive year.

Preston’s winning entry, a Turingia Pre-Cooked Bratwurst was judged the unanimous winner in the Barbecue Section of the Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition, organised by Retail Meat New Zealand.

Preston’s Turingia Bratwurst, is a traditional German-style pre-cooked pork sausage, flavoured with marjoram, parsley and a touch of pepper and garlic. It received high praise from the judges who emphasised the texture, taste, mouth feel and the combination of herbs and spices as “just right”.

“Winning gold again is a huge accolade and we’re honoured to receive national recognition for a highly sought after prize. It’s fair to say there’s been a fair bit of high-fiving amongst the sausage team” says Andrew Preston, general manager sales and marketing for Preston’s. “Kiwi’s love their BBQ’s and it’s certainly nice to say that we offer the best barbecue sausage in the country.”

It wasn’t the only award Preston’s won, claiming silver in the Gourmet category for the Fresh Beef, Cracked Pepper, Coriander and Basil sausage, just one of sausages in Preston’s new gourmet sausage range.

Preston’s has won numerous sausage, bacon, steak, butcher and top shop awards over the years. “Some of this is probably to do with the fact that we’ve been in the business for 109 years,” says Preston, adding that the company prides itself on “having great meat products backed up by excellent service and certainly that’s been recognised by the growth in sausage sales over the last year.

“Customers are able to buy our award winning sausages and all our other gourmet meats, regardless of where they live, as we’ve just launched our on-line butcher shop”.

Preston’s also operate three retail stores in Wellington, Porirua and Palmerston North as well as serving the restaurant and food service trade nationwide.

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