Comment: 2014 almost done …

Ali SpencerWell that’s 2014 almost done then!

How things change in a year!

The New Zealand meat industry has moved from being perceived to be in dire straits to a stronger performer with China now established – for the time being at least – as the number one market for New Zealand sheepmeat and number two for beef. Exporters are now building strong relationships with customers in that market.

Industry has celebrated the recent signing of the Korean free trade agreement and is looking forward to next year’s anticipated Trans-Pacific Partnership deal and other market access talks that will open up more opportunities in the coming years and see New Zealand’s meat products adapt in response to those new markets.

Results are starting to emerge from the industry’s Primary Growth Partnership programmes and other research and development initiative, which will result in a very different look to the New Zealand meat industry by the Government’s 2025 Export Double target.

Collaboration, innovation and consolidation have been the industry’s buzzwords for 2014 and will carry us through to 2015 and an exciting future.

With so much going on, it’s been a hard, but satisfying year at MeatExportNZ. We had over 53,000 views and about 7,200 unique regular visitors over the past year. MeatExportNZ is really reaching into the New Zealand meat industry.

Thank You to everyone who has supported us this year either with material, advertising tiles, subscriptions or encouragement.

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