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Allan BarberFor a country where the cow is sacred to adherents of the majority Hindu religion, it seems surprising that India has overtaken Brazil as the largest exporter of beef in the world. A recent article in the New Indian Express reports that a prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, recently referred to the ‘pink revolution’ as the only revolution happening in India, signifying the growing importance of the country’s meat industry, comments Allan Barber.

It was intended primarily as a dig at the inactivity of India’s ruling United Progressive Alliance party which has been in power since 2004. But it underlines the point that beef exports have grown by 50 percent in the past five years to 1.89 million tonnes with main markets being USA, Europe, the Gulf States and South East Asia.

Poultry exports have also grown substantially, reaching 3.5 million tonnes in the latest year for which figures are available, which puts it after USA and Brazil as the world’s third largest exporter.

An official with India’s Department of Animal Husbandry says the country’s Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), is out to improve the quality and safety requirements for both the domestic market and the export industry. In the last year, APEDA has approved 170 integrated abattoirs, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants across the country, apart from announcing subsidies worth 15 crore, or nearly $3 million, to the modernising of abattoirs.

The USDA acknowledges that the government has played a crucial role in enhancing meat production and export. While a larger herd supports an increase in beef production, government programmes also encourage production. For instance, the ‘Salvaging and Rearing of Male Buffalo Calves Scheme’ and the ‘Utilisation of Fallen Animals’ improved carcase utilisation programmes were incorporated in the government’s eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12) and will also be included in the twelfth Five Year plan, according to the USDA’s annual report.

In India, where cow slaughter is banned in many states on religious grounds, the size of the beef export trade and growth in processing plants may appear to be somewhat of an oxymoron. However, a large proportion of the beef trade is actually in buffalo beef as distinct from bos indicus or Brahman, the humped beef cattle typical of India and other warm climates. Also, slaughter is restricted to male and unproductive female animals.

For outside observers, who consider the traditional Indian view is that cattle are sacred, as well as casting a suspicious eye over Indian slaughterhouses and processing facilities, this development will make them sit up and take notice of another emerging power in the global meat trade.

Allan Barber is a meat industry commentator. He has his own blog Barber’s Meaty Issues and can be contacted by emailing him at

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  1. I am not entirely sure that Alan says that Indian “Beef” is exported to USA, he merely quotes USDA lauding their investment in modernising slaughter and post-production facilities.

    It is right to denigrate India’s “pink revolution” – the facilities are actually world class as far as the “organised part of the sector” is concerned and not to be confused with the domestic illegal “beef” industry except in states where “beef” is perfectly legal – yes this is true and readers may confirm this themselves.

    Where Sandy Mount is correct is that Indian “Beef” is actually “Carabeef” The fact is that their “Carabeef Exports” are quite legal, highly organised and leading the world – what happens across the borders outside India is a tad challenging for India to control I suppose. This relatively authoritative report provides a good impassionate picture of what is going on in the meat world.

    As an NZer I do think about the fact that every “steak” of carabeef eaten is one “steak” of beef not eaten :-{ scary when some smarter folks run their porjections out to 2025 !


  2. The article is a little mischievous Alan – Indian beef is not exported to the USA or EU.The business sector is dominated by the Muslim Population who live in India and exported to the GCC Countries and South East Asia. Vietnam is a large importer and it forms a large part of the “grey market” sending it across the border to China. The whole Indian Beef market is fraught with cheating, poor facilities, dubious business practices and finds a market purely because it’s cheap. How they get away with it one can only guess what goes on behind closed doors to ease the cargo through the journey.

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