Comment: The end of an untidy affair …

Great news that the containers are now moving off the Chinese wharves. The focus has now shifted to getting the export trade moving from New Zealand again and business back on track.

This untidy, and some say badly handled, affair of export certificates to China will have served four purposes for New Zealand’s export meat industry:

  1. To demonstrate to Government that you don’t meddle with structures that are working well as it affects New Zealand’s hard-won reputation as a responsible exporter. Having to revert to NZ Food Safety Authority letterhead to appease the AQSIQ import authority (China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) speaks volumes.
  2. To illustrate that China has very rapidly grown into a major market for New Zealand meat taking, by some estimates (before the trade blockage), about 4,600 tonnes a week this year, especially frozen boneless beef and frozen lamb cuts.
  3. To show that, in a few short years, the coalface of the New Zealand meat industry has changed and will continue to do so. And, finally
  4. It’s a reminder that there are new and exciting meat export markets out there that need taking care of.

Next week will see the New Zealand meat export business getting back to usual. We hope!

Have a great Queen’s Birthday weekend.



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