Energy management key business strategy for Silver Fern Farms

One of New Zealand’s biggest meat exporters is set to build its international brand through a range of energy management and efficiency measures.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) today announced it is working with Silver Fern Farms to achieve annual energy saving targets of more than 13 gigawatt hours (GWh) and deliver ongoing cost savings of $700,000 to the company, within two years.

Under the agreement with EECA, Silver Fern Farms will invest approximately $1.4 million in the initiative that will incorporate energy efficiency into its business strategy and invest in more efficiency projects in its processing plants.

EECA Business industrial programme manager Rod Treder says the increased focus on energy use and waste will help Silver Fern Farms deliver its business strategy in a number of ways.

“Silver Fern Farms puts a lot of effort into building a brand that is valued by discerning consumers in New Zealand and in offshore markets. By investing in energy efficiency Silver Fern Farms can further demonstrate its commitment to sustainable production to its customers.”

Treder says improved energy management can deliver a number of other benefits for business.

“From lower maintenance bills to better health and safety outcomes, more engaged staff and enhanced green credentials, energy management best practice delivers for business in so many ways,” he says.

Silver Fern Farms chief executive Keith Cooper says improved energy management is a key priority for the business.

“In everything we do, we want to do our industry and our country proud. The way we look after our resources is a mark about us as a company. It is important that we make our production infrastructure as energy efficient as possible to enable the best use of the resource. We aim for the highest levels of care of our resources through the whole process so we can deliver our customers inspirational food.”

Under the initiative, Silver Fern Farms will develop energy management plans for five of the company’s larger sites: Finegand, Takapau,Pareora,Pacific and Fairton. The plans will include putting in place systems to identify, evaluate and implement energy efficiency opportunities.

“The energy savings resulting from this plan will assist us to provide on-going financial benefit to the business.”

Keith Cooper says that improving energy efficiency will help the company to deliver on its vision of producing inspirational food created by passionate people.

“Our people are innovative. This programme will give them a chance to harness some of their know-how and show how they can set new standards for our industry in the area of energy management. This is an important partnership with EECA as we can build on our expertise,” he says.

EECA Business funding of up to $240,000 (contingent on the achievement of energy savings targets and other milestones) is available to Silver Fern Farms.

Energy and Utility consultant Enercon has been contracted by Silver Fern Farms to assist it in establishing the energy management plans and associated energy efficiency projects.

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