Environmental sustainability specialist joins Rabobank

Blake Holgate, Rabobank's environmental sustainability specialistEnvironmental sustainability specialist, Blake Holgate, has just joined Rabobank New Zealand.

Holgate’s appointment – to the position of rural manager Sustainable Farm Systems – is among a range of initiatives the bank is undertaking to assist clients and the wider agricultural sector meet the challenges of maintaining competitiveness while adjusting to current and future environmental regulation, says Rabobank head of business development New Zealand, Karen Kenny.

“With our exclusive focus on food and agribusiness globally, Rabobank is in a unique position to share with its clients the knowledge, tools, worldwide network and financial solutions to help farmers produce more, in a more sustainable manner,”  she says.

With the development of increasingly complex and diverse water quality regulations under the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management in New Zealand, Kenny says Holgate’s brief is to help clients and Rabobank’s rural managers understand nutrient and water management strategies that would maximise long-term on-farm efficiencies and competitiveness.

Holgate hails from a sheep and beef farming family, previously practised as an environmental lawyer and has an MBA from Otago University. He says Rabobank is taking a proactive approach to raising awareness of environmental sustainable farm systems and options with clients.

“The issues for farmers in response to the NPS are challenging and complex and Rabobank recognises that this is a very long-term issue.”

Based in Dunedin, Mr Holgate will work across Rabobank’s New Zealand network.

Supplied by Rabobank.

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