Export: all about market commitment and not making assumptions

Export is all about making commitment to a market and not assuming anything, according to online business video channel Leaders Review.

Its latest series, the second Key Moments series together, long-time supporter, NZ Trade & Enterprise nominated a number of candidates to be the video series’ export intrapreneur.

Certainly, amongst them, the business of exporting aeroplanes from our shores was a little hard to ignore, as was Pacific Aerospace CEO, Damian Camp’s very grounded ideas around the realities of setting up global markets, and most wary of the wishful-thinking traps assumption could lay, says producer Peter Anich.

“I left his initial interview with no doubts as to the hard-won, long game of making it happen in places where it had never before, a firm reassurance within Damian’s same words.

“While there was no defined schedule for market breakthroughs, there did appear to be a certainty in playing a long-game as he defined it, based on the ideal that every potential deal had to be truly respected and apportioned its own unique life span.

Moreover the man loved what he was doing; whether the deal took three weeks or three years, the journey was a vocation in itself.”

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