Hearing Week

Hearing Week 2013 posterHearing Week 2013 will run from 25-31 March this year.

The objective of the week is to encourage family and friends to discuss hearing loss with something they know who they think suffers from it. It’s a simple objective that can markedly improve the quality of life for thousands of New Zealanders.

Cricketing legend Chris Cairns has joined the National Foundation for the Deaf’s team this year to draw attention to the campaign and the fact that hearing loss often develops over a number of years and the first step, which can be very challenging, is to actually acknowledge it exists.

Take the time, this Hearing Week, to help a colleague, family member or friend to acknowledge their hearing is not what it used to be and support them by helping them find out where to go for a hearing test and rehabilitation as required.

Visit www.nfd.org.nz.

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