In the news this week (2) …

There was plenty going on at the Red Meat Sector Conference in Queenstown this week, but there were also a few other things appearing in the press. 

China eyes up top-end lamb cuts, writes Tim Cronshaw, in an article about Alliance Group sensing growing interest from its Chinese customers in some of the higher value cuts, rather than the lamb flaps traditionally used for hot pot dishes.

B+LNZ Ltd held it’s ‘Farming on the Edge of Science’ Day at Massey University on 11 July.  Dominion Post farming editor, Jon Morgan, was in attendance, alongside the farming participants. His report (Science day teaches farmers new tricks, 19 July) makes good reading and shows how farmers were shown the latest in pastures and forages, management and new technology and animal production in a series of three workshops (this is not available online as yet).


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