New e-book simplifies sustainability certification

Sustainability consultancy Pinnacle Quality has announced the publication of Meeting Sustainability Standards – Simple Approaches to Avoid Common Mistakes, a new e-book, for companies that wish to understand and work with market-driven sustainability certification. 

Sustainability certification is a relatively new development. It is also an important and demanding one. Without a clear understanding of the legal, social and environmental demands of sustainability many companies will find doing business slow and frustrating.

Meeting Sustainability Standards, written by Pinnacle Quality director Kevin O’Grady, aims to help companies develop understanding of meeting sustainability standards and is a general guide to the sorts of tools and approaches that can be used in meeting a wide range of standards.

The main focus of Meeting Sustainability Standards is the primary industries. However, many of the approaches will work equally well for other industries, such as mineral extraction, and for other standards, such as chain of custody.

The book’s eight chapters cover most aspects of this complex area. They are: legal register and management of updates to legislation and to permits and licences; dispute, complaint and issue resolution procedure; social impact assessments and social performance planning; management planning; stakeholder consultation; practical tools for assessing special values and high conservation values (HCV); special values management planning; and cultural heritage management planning

Michael Spencer, global chair of the Alliance for Water Stewardship says: “Many companies find the prospect of dealing with sustainability standards daunting. Works such as this, which are intended to make this more accessible, are an important part of helping more organisations to engage and levelling the playing field for all potential participants.”

Loy Jones of Asia Pacific Consulting Solutions (Indonesia) adds: “A very timely and necessary publication from a trusted and experienced source.”

You can find out more about the book at this link For prices and more information email:

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