New Zealand Water Stewardship training planned for February

Water awareMajor water users, such as the meat industry, may be interested to learn that an Alliance for Water Stewardship/Water Stewardship Australia (AWS/WSA) accredited training programme for professionals working in the area of water stewardship, is being brought to New Zealand in early February.

Foundations of Water Stewardship is a one day programme offered as the first level of a modular program for users of the water stewardship system including major water users (agribusiness, industry, commercial and institutional), catchment managers, the water and wastewater industry, policy makers, consultants, trainers and auditors).

WSA will bring its Foundation Training Program to New Zealand early in the New Year with a one-day programme planned for Christchurch on 4 February. The programme has already been provided in Australia and China.

This event is of particular interest to the meat industry and Ingham’s Chickens, an early adopter of the AWS principles, will attend.

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