OIE highlights animal health at the European Parliament

At the invitation of the European Parliament, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is organising an exhibition in the hall of the European Parliament in Brussels from 25 to 28 November on the theme “Protecting human health through better animal health”.

Using a selection of photos from the five continents, this event will provide an opportunity to highlight the work being done by veterinarians all over the world, and their commitment to safeguarding human health.

“Sixty percent of the pathogens that cause human diseases can be transmitted by domestic or wild animals”, notes Dr Vallat, OIE director general. “In a world of ever increasing movement of people, animals and animal products, it is crucial for the international community to be aware of the interdependence that exists between human health and animal health”. Unfortunately, at present not all countries of the world are equipped with sufficiently effective national Veterinary Services to be able to detect, notify and respond rapidly to animal disease emergencies that could potentially pose a risk to human health.

The photos being presented at the exhibition are derived in part from a donation by the Iranian Veterinary Services and in part from a photographic competition organised in collaboration with the European Commission during World Veterinary Year, in 2011.

The opening ceremony will take place at 6 pm. on 25 November 2013 at the exhibition venue, Altiero Spinelli Hall in the European Parliament, 3rd Floor, by the walkway to the PHS building.

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