OSPRI gets tick from IT professionals

Congratulations to OSPRI which last week received two prestigious accolades from the Institute of IT Professionals for its new disease management system.

The team behind OSPRI’s new system won both the IT Project Excellence and the Excellence in Software awards at the New Zealand Excellence in IT Awards on Friday night.

OSPRI was among a number of high profile New Zealand companies and educational institutes nominated for the awards.

The new disease management system is already being used to support OSPRI’s TBfree programme and the organisation is planning to use the system more widely in future.

William McCook.OSPRI chief executive William McCook says the new system is a good example of his organisation’s mission to protect and enhance New Zealand’s primary industries.

“The team responsible for developing the system delivered a tool that will benefit farmers and OSPRI’s stakeholders as well as enhancing our core National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) and TBfree programmes,” says McCook.

OSPRI business transformation group manager Kayo Sakey agrees. “In many ways, the development of the disease management system has been a pioneering project for our organisation. This is the first major IT system designed with future opportunities in mind, such as managing other animal diseases.”

Sakey says this was a good example of how OSPRI works with other primary industry partners to get a good result.

“Our new system was developed using the Ministry of Primary Industries’ FarmsOnLine information as a key geospatial layer,” said Ms Sakey.

The main project team worked with a number of other OSPRI staff on the new system, who provided valuable input into its development, testing and implementation.

OSPRI works to protect and enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a producer of high-quality food products, helping ensure farmers’ access to valuable overseas markets for beef, dairy and deer. It currently runs the TBfree programme, which aims to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (TB), and NAIT which provides lifetime traceability for cattle and deer and is essential to managing a disease

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