OSPRI to add value to primary industries

This week sees a new arrival in the primary sector with the launch of OSPRI New Zealand.

Formed on 1 July – following the merger of the Animal Health Board and NAIT the national animal identification and tracing scheme – OSPRI has been set up to bring together existing expertise and, as its name implies, to provide creative operational solutions.

William McCook.“We are excited by the prospect of developing some creative operational solutions for the sector,” said OSPRI chief executive William McCook.

“We will continue to deliver both the NAIT and TBfree New Zealand programmes for farmers, but our broader mandate presents opportunities to add considerable value for primary industries.”

McCook highlighted the delivery of world-leading biosecurity and pest management strategies, smart use of data and the further development of government industry collaboration.

“Both organisations have a proven track record across a diverse range of operational delivery and there are likely to be opportunities to enhance the sector in areas such as risk management and information technology systems.”

Improving public farmer-facing services is also on the agenda. The TBfree New Zealand and NAIT customer call centre facilities have already been brought together.

“There has been a strong focus throughout the merger process of ensuring we do not duplicate resources so that farmers continue to receive an effective and cost efficient service,” added McCook.

OSPRI is a not-for-profit limited company, as are its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, TBfree New Zealand Ltd and NAIT Ltd. Its Stakeholders’ Council is made up of a range of primary industry, central and local government representatives.

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