PM updates on China meat holdup

Prime Minister John Key has given an update on the meat holdup in China, based on information from the New Zealand ambassador in China Carl Worker this morning, as a piece, including a video of the press conference, in today’s NZ Herald reveals. Key noted that Chinese changes to their own procedures as a result of new measures to curb sales of counterfeit meat may be a factor in the hold-up, along with the change of the MPI documentation. He described the delay as a “short-term hiccup”. Read more …

A crackdown by Chinese authorities on food crime is reported to have begun in late January. To date, over 3,500 individuals have been arrested, about a quarter of whom were involved in the illegal meat trade, including manufacturing and selling water-injected meat, fake beef and mutton, toxic meat and meat from fallen livestock. By late April, over 20,000 tonnes of meat and meat products had been seized by the police. One such instance in Shanghai was mislabelled ‘New Zealand’ mutton from a wholesaler selling to an American-owned chain of Yum Brands hot pot restaurants, news reports say.


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