Red meat delegation heads to China

A major delegation of New Zealand red meat exporters is heading to China next week.

The group, being led by the Meat Industry Association (MIA), represents more than 95 percent of New Zealand red meat exports.

The chairs, chief executives and other senior staff will meet with Chinese regulatory agencies, industry bodies and customers.

Bill Falconer2“This is all about building relationships in a key market for New Zealand,” says MIA chairman Bill Falconer.

“While individual companies travel regularly to the market, it is rare for the meat industry to travel together in such force. This delegation is testament to the importance we place on China.”

The delegation follows sustained rapid growth in New Zealand meat exports to China over the past five years. In 2013, New Zealand sent 36 percent of all sheepmeat exports and 10 percent of beef to China. Total industry exports to China were worth almost $1.3 billion.

“We have faced challenges, as can be expected, and we are grateful to both Governments for the effort they have put in to enable trade to grow.”

Material supplied by MIA.

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