Scott Technology acquires RobotWorx

Scott Technology's robotic lamb boning technology.Dunedin-based Scott Technology, well known for its development of world-leading robotic meat processing equipment, has acquired a US robotic company RobotWorx for $6.3 million.

The collaboration has great strategic potentials for both companies, says Robotworx, a well known robot integrator in the US. The company has been in business for over 21 years and has installed thousands of robots for applications ranging from welding to palletising and also has the capability of integrating multiple manufacturers’ robots.

Scott Technology’s knowledge of applications for sorting of recycling material, food labelling and pick packing of food, previously outside RobotWorx area of expertise, will expand the solutions the collaboration is able to provide, the US company says on its website.

“It will bring Scott from a relatively unknown integrator in North America, apart from its existing specialist areas, to one of the most well-known robot integrators worldwide.”

According to a Scott Technology announcement, “The acquisition of RobotWorx will provide Scott with a strong strategic base to grow its market share in the Americas.” North America has traditionally been Scott’s biggest market, representing 37 percent of Scott’s 2013 group sales, mainly to the appliance, mining and superconductor industries.

“Further opportunities for growth in these industries exist through greater in-market presence, as well as the introduction of Scott’s world-leading meat processing, milking and superconductor solutions to the North American market.”

The company also points to the expectations that the robot industry will grow substantially, due to its promising output of high quality products at a lower price. “With the ability to offer robotic automation for a wide variety of industries, RobotWorx, together with Scott, have significant ability to tap into this profitable growing market,” it says.

“The combination of two different markets will take Scott Technology and RobotWorx to the next level,” says RobotWorx.

Scott Technology, which celebrated its centenary last year, is said to be closing its Dallas office and will move some staff to Marion, Ohio where Robotworx is based.


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