Searching for the face of New Zealand butchery

QUALITY MARK _modernfontWith a new advertising campaign in the pipeline, Beef + Lamb Inc, New Zealand’s domestic marketing body, has announced a unique casting call.

Although there are no details of the ad yet, the organisation known for its Iron Maidens is searching for another face, but this time it is not a sportsperson.

Instead they’re looking for a butcher and nomination forms have been sent out to the industry to help in the search for the ‘face’ of the New Zealand butchery.

B+LNZ chief executive, Rod Slater, says this will be an exciting new campaign for the organisation.

“We’re very excited about the idea behind this campaign; in brief, it will highlight the positive aspects of the New Zealand Beef & Lamb Quality Mark to consumers,” says Slater.

Nominations close on 6 September, followed by a screen test to determine who will front the new campaign.

Slater says although this advertisement won’t be featuring the Iron Maidens, B+LNZ is still 100 percent behind its golden girls and has more plans for them.

“We’re very proud to be backing Sarah, Sophie and Lisa as they continue to achieve outstanding results in their respective sports,” says Slater.

For information on nominations, contact B+LNZ on 0800 733 466.

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