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Rod Slater and Chelsea WinterAn advertising campaign was launched in New Zealand yesterday to reinforce the attributes of the New Zealand Beef & Lamb Quality Mark – the brand used at home to assure Kiwis they are buying quality New Zealand grown lamb and beef.

In place for 17 years, the Quality Mark has been Kiwis’ assurance they are purchasing New Zealand grown, free range, grass-fed product which reaches the highest standards of animal welfare, food safety and also guarantees tenderness.

The new campaign aims to remind Kiwi customers of these attributes and lead them to look for the red, yellow and black rosette in store.

The entire advertisement is based in a butcher shop and supermarket with the butcher, played by Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc chief executive and butcher by trade, Rod Slater, talking to the camera about the Quality Mark.

Slater says it took a while to get his head around fronting the campaign.

“We’ve long known the Quality Mark is a real ‘jewel in our crown’, it’s a programme which really cements our products’ superiority and we thought it was time to remind consumers exactly what it stands for.”

Slater says it will be strange to see himself on TV and billboards: “but at the end of the day we wanted to make the advert as good as possible and the team decided I was the right frontman. The ad is a good one, we’re very excited about it, this all comes down to a great creative idea which we think the industry will love and consumers will learn from,” says Slater.

The advert concludes with the introduction of Chelsea Winter, New Zealand winner of MasterChef 2012 bringing home the message that buying Quality Mark product is the best start to creating top class meals at home.

This will mark the first time in many years the Iron Maidens have not been the front line marketing campaign for B+LNZ Inc.

But, Slater ensures they are still part of the team.

“Sarah Walker, Sophie Pascoe and Lisa Carrington remain a key part of our programme and we are delighted to continue supporting them. They’ll still be appearing as our ‘Beef’ ‘+’ and ‘Lamb’ at a number of events during the year,” says Slater.

Congratulations to ‘+’ Sophie Pascoe, winner of five gold medals for swimming at the London Paralympic Games last year, who recently won the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation Disabled Sportsperson of the Year Award, in New Zealand’s top sport awards.

The Quality Mark is not used in New Zealand lamb and beef campaigns in other markets.

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