Try lamb, says joint promotional group

A joint promotional push is getting United States consumers to try lamb.

Project partners involved with the Tri-Lamb Group, which has a goal to get more Americans eating lamb, are meeting with two Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ Ltd) farmer directors.

Central South Island director, Anne Munro and Southern South Island director, Leon Black are in Idaho, representing New Zealand sheep farmers alongside their fellow Tri- Lamb Group representatives from Australia and the United States.

B+LNZ Ltd chief executive Dr Scott Champion says the collaborative promotion by the three sheep producing nations is built around the understanding that the profitability and sustainability of the lamb market in the US is important for farmers in all three countries.

“If more Americans are eating lamb, then each country stands to gain from the opportunities that increased consumption will provide.

“The programme includes online food and nutrition blogs that share lamb recipes and podcasts showing how to build simple and healthy lamb meals for the family. They’re tracking a lot of interest.

“This week the Group reviewed last year’s programme and considered continuing support for the initiative, called ‘Making Lamb Famous in the United States’.”

For the year ended 30 June, the United States was New Zealand’s third largest sheepmeat market by value (NZ$256 million), behind the United Kingdom (NZ$534 million) and Germany ($NZ275 million) and ahead of China (NZ$247 million).

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