Using social media to promote grass-fed beef in Taipei

For the past three years, Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s marketing activities in Taiwan have included a social media-based competition, specifically engaging consumers in the country’s largest city, Taipei.

Thumbs up for New Zealand meat in Taipei.

Consumers enter a competition on the “Pasture Perfect” Facebook page. Winners attend workshops where they learn about New Zealand farming and grass-fed beef characteristics and households are encouraged to use New Zealand grass-fed beef at home.

A well-known TV chef develops simple recipes in both western and Chinese style cuisine. The recipes are demonstrated before the attendees prepare the dishes themselves, under the chef’s expert tutelage.

New Zealand beef is the predominant export meat from this country to Taiwan. According to figures compiled by the Meat Industry Association from Statistics New Zealand overseas data to the year end June 2014, it was the fourth largest beef market by value worth $141.9 million and fifth largest by volume (20,755 tonnes). This represents an increase of six percent and 14 percent respectively on the same period a year earlier.

An economic cooperation agreement between Taiwan and New Zealand came into force on 1 December 2013. The Agreement between New Zealand and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on Economic Cooperation (ANZTEC) is Taiwan’s first free trade pact with a non-diplomatic ally.

From 1 January this year, tariffs on 95.2 percents of imports from New Zealand were removed, while those on the remaining items, excluding rice will be cut to zero over a period of 12 years. Currently, tariffs on New Zealand beef are applied a a rate of NT$10 per kg and on New Zealand sheepmeat at NT$11.30 per kg, or 15 percent whichever is higher.




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