Comment: What’s with the low response rates?

What’s with the incredibly low response rates in the recent B+LNZ votes and also the Federated Farmers survey?

B+LNZ remits and resolutions to the AGM this week only had 14.3 percent (2,451) of the 17,142 registered beef and sheep farmers actually bothering to send in their votes, while the much-hyped Federated Farmers Meat Industry Options survey only had 414 responses.

I’m sure the information gathered will be extremely useful to guide industry development, but what it means is that over four fifths of on-farm participants (83.3% to be precise, if we assume those responding to the Feds survey are not included in the B+LNZ votes) have not taken part.

Does this mean that a major percentage of farmer participants in the industry are happy with the arrangements they have? Or are people disenchanted, not interested, bored … or just too busy? Are things being over-thought and people want to just get on with business?

Interested to know…

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