Working on functional food projects?

Are you working on a functional food project? If you are, and have already established collaborative links with Japanese research partners in relevant fields, there’s new funding available from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Through its International Relationships Fund, MBIE will invest in up to three contracts to the maximum value of $400,000 each in total over two years to facilitate joint research collaborations between New Zealand and Japan on the topic of “Functional Foods”.

A call for proposals for New Zealand-Japan Strategic International Collaborative Research Programme (SICORP) on ‘Functional Foods’ opened on Friday. MBIE is seeking proposals from New Zealand-based research teams that have established collaborative relationships with Japanese research partners in one of the three eligible sub-fields:

  • Functionality evaluation/analysis and/or health applications of foods/food ingredients;
  • Development of food products and/or food processing methods to create value-added food products; and
  • Research contributing to increased food safety

MBIE’s international relationships manager Karla Falloon says that Japan is one of New Zealand’s key strategic science and innovation partners and a world leader in functional foods and beverage research and development. New Zealand, on the other hand, has highly innovative and complementary research capabilities which are attractive to Japan. 

“New Zealand and Japan could significantly benefit from close collaboration on this topic. SICORP is designed to build on and reinforce this partnership,” says Falloon.

More information here.

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