2015 Glammies: ‘no contest’

The 2015 Golden Lamb Awards, or ‘Glammies’, has been declared a ‘No-Contest’ as a result of a mistake made by the testing facility in analysing the data to ascertain the top twenty finalists.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc (B+LNZ) was made aware of the issue last Friday by the testing facility and later yesterday found out the full extent of the mistake which impacted the selection of the top twenty finalists.

According to B+LNZ, the error was made with the final spreadsheet when the testing facility calculated the final score and applied the ranking.

“In error, the IT person used the formula for shear force – where low is good, high is bad – and applied it to yield,” explained B+LNZ Inc chief executive Rod Slater.

“We feel a ‘No-Contest” decision is the best and most fair outcome for all involved,” he says, adding that the actual scientific analysis of the meat quality for all entrants individual results were correct. “The calculation for the final scoring to ascertain the twenty finalists, as above, is where the error was made.”

The competition has grown immensely over the last nine years and is held in high prestige by all involved, says Slater. “It is important to acknowledge the time and effort put in by farmers and retailers who entered the competition.

“On behalf of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, I extend our sincere apologies to all those involved in the competition and welcome anyone to get in touch to discuss further.”


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