2016/2017 meat export season “steady and largely unchanged”

Matt Conway, MIA
Matt Conway, MIA.

The 2016/17 red meat export season was steady and largely unchanged from the previous year, according to the Meat Industry Association (MIA).

The value of total red meat and co-products exports for the season, covering the 12 months ended 30 September 2017, was $7.15 billion.

“This was down very slightly (0.3 percent) on the previous year,” reports MIA policy analyst Matt Conway.

“Fewer animals being slaughtered during the season led to some reduction in the amount of meat exported, with sheepmeat exports down by three percent to 376,000 tonnes and beef exports down seven percent to 395,683 tonnes.”

The MIA’s analysis of Statistics NZ figures shows beef export values declined by a similar amount to the volume, by eight percent to $2.73 billion, and consequently the average value of beef exports was relatively stable, down by 10c/kg to $6.90/kg, says Conway.

“On the other hand, the total value of sheepmeat exports increased by seven percent to $2.96 billion, and the average value of sheepmeat exports increased by 10 percent to $7.88/kg.

“This increase was largely due to recovery of demand in China, with the average value of exports to that market increasing by 20 percent to $4.93/kg compared to the previous year.”

The value of co-products exports also increased, up by two percent to $1.45 billion over the year. While there was a decline in the value of the largest category, hides and skins (by eight percent to $378 million), this was compensated by increases in exports of prepared meat products (up 13 percent to $180 million, and tallow (up (36 percent to $150 million)

Highlights for individual markets during the 2016/17 meat export season were:

  • China was the largest sheepmeat market, taking 133,724 tonnes (down four percent), worth $671 million (up 18 percent)
  • The US was New Zealand’s largest customer for beef taking 47 percent of exports by volume (184,056 tonnes) and 43 percent by value ($1.18 billion). However, both the volume and value of exports were down two percent compared to the previous record season
  • China is the largest market for co-products, taking 22 percent of total exports worth $319 million.

More detailed statistics for exports to key markets are available on the MIA website: http://www.mia.co.nz/resources/current-4/statistics/


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