Alliance acquires Goldkiwi Asia

David Surveyor, Alliance Group
David Surveyor.

Alliance Group has acquired the business of Goldkiwi Asia, a Singapore-based marketing and sales company, as it seeks to capture more value from its markets in Asia.

Alliance Group chief executive David Surveyor said the new business will be known as Alliance Asia.

Goldkiwi Asia is well established and has built sound customer relationships in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia since the early 1990s.

Surveyor says the acquisition represents an important step in the company’s vision to create a stronger co-operative to benefit its 5,000 farmer shareholders and staff.

The acquisition will position Alliance directly in the market and accelerate the co-operative’s understanding and responsiveness to its Asia-based customers.

“This will ensure we are now closer than ever to our Asian customers and end-consumers with our new Asian headquarters in Singapore connecting us to some of the world’s largest populations and their growing demand for quality foods. It will also lift Alliance’s visibility and engagement across all steps of the supply chain.”

Alliance has worked closely with Goldkiwi Asia for more than 25 years and the company has played a key role in building Alliance’s presence in the region, he said.

“This is a proven relationship and a natural next step in our strategy. Goldkiwi Asia has supported our strategic co-operation with our important Chinese in-market partner Grand Farm. This will continue as we seek to improve the returns and add value to both businesses.”

Goldkiwi Asia staff will transfer to Alliance Asia.

According to Paul Stephens, founder and director of Goldkiwi Asia, the acquisition is at the right time for the business.

“We are moving up the value chain and we are driven to secure a better return.

“Consumers want to know more – not just about the food, but also its story. Alliance is 100 percent owned by farmers, who take great care and know their craft. This resonates with consumers.”

Surveyor says Alliance Group is developing new approaches to retail and e-commerce and product development in the Asia markets over the coming year.

“We are matching our products with markets which requires investment in product development, packaging and services.”

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