Alliance distributes $1.46 million to shareholders

Heather Stacy
Heather Stacy, Alliance Group's general manager livestock and shareholder services.

Alliance Group has distributed a further $1.46 million in loyalty payments to its committed farmer shareholders, bringing the total for the year to date to $15.34 million.

The latest quarterly payment, for the period ending 30 September, have been paid to the co-operative’s platinum and gold farmer shareholders.

That means farmers supplying 100 per cent of their lambs are paid an additional 10 cents per kilogram for each lamb, 6 cents/kg for sheep, 8.5 cents/kg for cattle and 10 cents/kg for deer.

“Our farmer shareholders are at the heart of every decision the company makes and our loyalty payments reflect our commitment to rewarding loyalty. Every cent we make is either re-invested into the business or delivered back to farmers,” says Heather Stacy, Alliance Group general manager livestock and shareholder services.

The co-operative is also inviting platinum and gold farmer shareholders to signal their interest in Alliance Group’s advance payments programme.

“This is intended to help farmers with cashflow when they are at their normal season low period on killing livestock,” she says.

“They can apply for payment in advance for most species they commit to processing with us.

“This year, we have introduced more frequent minimum price contacts to help farmers deal with uncertainty. These initiatives build on our efficient livestock processing position and market penetration.”

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