ANZCO’s premium Longdown lamb range going to UK restaurants

ANZCO Longdown lamb
ANZCO Foods' Longdown lamb has had very positive feedback from UK restaurateurs for its tenderness and eating quality, says Gartshore.

Top-end UK restaurants have been getting a taste of ANZCO’s premium Longdown lamb.

ANZCO’s UK key account and sales representative Aaron Gartshore has been visiting high-end restaurants including Harrods and Gordon Ramsey’s Lucky Cat, to promote Longdown, and feedback has been very positive.

“Longdown lamb is bred for tenderness and the chefs visited so far appreciate the eating quality along with the facts that provenance is known and the animals are raised free-range with strict animal welfare standards,” says Gartshore.

“The foodservice market in the UK is worth about £89b a year and is growing, so ANZCO has been looking at ways to increase the profile of Longdown, which is the perfect product for this project because it gives us so many strong benefits that we can use to approach the premium end of the market.”

The Longdown lamb is bred by a small number of carefully selected innovative New Zealand farmers whose mission is to produce lamb with unparalleled quality and taste, grazing contentedly while treading lightly on the planet, says Gartshore. It is backed by a ram breeding programme and through ongoing annual progeny testing, ANZCO can breed specifically for tenderness, pH and intramuscular fat that provide the eating characteristics.

Researchers at Wales’ Aberystwyth University proved the relationship between muscle density and tenderness. Muscle density is proven to be a hereditary trait, so by choosing a breed known for this trait ANZCO has created a platform for premium lamb, he says.

In addition, New Zealand’s independent government research centre, AgResearch, has proven Longdown’s superior tenderness. Using a Tenderometer, or mechanical tooth, they measured the amount of force required to ‘bite’ through cooked meat with the result showing Longdown lamb 30 percent more tender than standard lamb.

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