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Chris Leach, QCONZ general manager business development
Chris Leach

If you are in business and are not on-board with technology, the likelihood is that you are not going to be in business for very long, writes Chris Leach. 

Technology is all around us and constantly evolving.  Business savvy leaders look for ways in which they can use technology to remove inefficiencies, increase productivity and improve communication with their teams. They look for ways to keep up with an ever changing world of customer expectations and regulatory compliance.

Discerning customers have increasing expectations and reassurance with regard the origin and quality of the food they purchase. Technology is being utilised more and more, to help support a brand by backing up claims with reliable data.

The list of available technologies is almost endless, and the choice as to which technology to embrace can be a daunting one. Those looking to implement change can sometimes feel overwhelmed, all too often resulting in the decision to stick with current processes and procedures rather than rocking the boat.

Here are three technologies that are worth considering to help overcome common issues:

  1. eLearning: Inefficiencies relating to staff turn-over and integration of seasonal workers is a common issue faced across the sector. Virtual Coach is a technology that provides users with an extremely cost effective way of supporting training and upskilling staff. eLearning can offer interactive, ‘bite sized’ learning modules that can be completed by staff at a time to suit them and you. Accessible via a website the short modules can be completed on or off line via a pc, tablet or smart phone.
  2. Document and data management technology to aid compliance. Increased regulation and competitive pressure has meant that for organisations to be successful they need finer control over processes to minimise costs and meet regulatory requirements.  Moving from cumbersome inefficient paper based systems to a fully integrated system that allows data to be captured, systems monitored and reports generated really is a ‘no-brainer’.  Use of technology such as Information Leader means that compliance data can be managed and collected centrally, providing you with the information you need to monitor and manage performance and satisfy compliance requirements.
  3. Centrally managing and communicating with, teams across multiple devices can often be an issue leading to confused flow of information. Apps such as Sync can offer a solution to those looking for a simple low cost, customisable option to capture data over the mobile network.

QCONZ is primarily a food quality and safety audit company based in Hamilton. It has built a reputation for excellence in managing assurance programmes for the dairy, pig, poultry and fertiliser industries and is at the forefront of the development of user friendly, smart management and training solutions designed to help its clients produce high quality, sustainable, ethical and safe food for their customers.

Chris Leach is general manager business development for QCONZ, a silver sponsor for the Red Meat Sector Conference, that took place in Napier on 29 and 30 July.

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