Captain Peter, Maersk’s new virtual assistant

Maersk reefer containers

Maersk Line is introducing a new virtual assistant called “Captain Peter” this year, to help meat and other exporters manage their shipments’ journeys around the globe.

The new virtual assistant with enhance the shipping line’s Remote Container Management (RCM) platform, continuing the its drive to new smart technologies and seamless solutions, which continue to change the shipping industry.

Currently being tested by a group of select customers, technical improvements are being put in place to simplify the processes integrated into the RCM platform. By mid-year, Maersk will release the new platform with a revamped design and new product features which will be enhanced by a virtual assistant named Captain Peter. The shipper anticipates several meat companies to be amongst exporters testing and using the new Captain Peter app, once the meat export season is in full swing.

Maersk Captain Peter2
Captain Peter will look out for your current shipments.

“Our goal is for the RCM product to look and feel like your favourite smartphone app. There is still a lot of paper-work and difficult processes in global trade,” explains Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, head of global reefer management at Maersk. “Captain Peter will help take care of some of this complexity, by seamlessly engaging with the customer from end-to-end in the supply chain.”

At the start of the journey, Karlsen says, Captain Peter will follow some simple rules – sending up-to-date information via customers’ preferred channel, for example, SMS or e-mail, on container temperature and atmosphere conditions, as well as a timeline on its end-to-end journey.

“Should any deviations be observed, or the shipment be delayed, Captain Peter will notify the customer,” she explains.

Once the container has arrived at its destination, Captain Peter will also check on its state and send an update to the customer. In time, customers will receive information configured to their specific needs.

The RCM technology makes a refrigerated container (reefer)’s location, temperature, humidity and power status easily available to the customer. Should any issues be detected, the customer can alert his/her supplier or have the shipment checked by local surveyors, potentially saving them millions of dollars in lost cargo.

“With the number of active users of the RCM platform constantly growing, the aspiration is for Captain Peter to gather enough information to be able to predict potential cargo damage and provide configuration suggestions before containers are shipped,” concludes Karlsen.

Maersk Line managing director Gerard Morrison told last year’s Red Meat Sector Conference about the new RCM technology, which the global shipper had launched in September 2017. RCM provides transparency on information from 270,000 Maersk reefers equipped with machine-to-machine technology. Today, over 2,300 customers have signed up for the RCM solution, translating to more than 70 percent of Maersk’s reefer volume.


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