Cathay Pacific launches new HK-China cross border trucking service

Meat exporters sending air-freighted product to Asia will be interested to learn that Cathay Pacific Services Ltd (CPSL) has just launched a new dedicated cross-border trucking service to ensure efficient and seamless road feeder services connecting Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta.


The intermodal operations simultaneously fulfil Hong Kong customs’ Intermodal Transhipment Facilitation Scheme and Chinese customs’ China Quick Pass Mode (QP) scheme, making it possible for non-stop transportation across the Hong-King-Shenzhen border.

“Our aim is to enhance the position of Hong Kong as a major cargo transit gateway in the world,” says Kelvin Ko, CPSL chief executive.

The fleet of trucks are all equipped with e-GPSeal, a GPS enable e-lock that allows the transhipment cargoes to be custom-bonded with full visibility, from departure to cargo loading and arrival.

CPSL will operate daily scheduled services between Hong Kong and Dongguan, Fuzhou, Guanzhou, Huangpu, Shenzen and Xiamen. Services to and from other parts of China can be arranged on request. The trucks are capable of handling all kinds of cargo including temperature-sensitive, odd-sized and overweight goods.

CPSL currently services seven customer airlines, namely: AirAsia, Air Hiong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonaire, EVA Airways Corporation, Royal Brunei Airlines and Thai AirAsia. It has a workforce of over 1,800 people to support the round-the-clock operations at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal.

Supplied Cathay Pacific.

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