Cervena means freedom

Glenn Tyrrell, Duncan NZ
Glenn Tyrrell, Duncan NZ

Twenty-four years after it was launched, the imagery and wording used to promote Cervena® venison has been updated.

Passion2Profit manager Innes Moffat says the logo has been refreshed and the tagline ‘Natural, Tender, Venison’ has been replaced with ‘Pure Freedom’. The Cervena diamond shape and the stripes are still prominent on the packaging guidelines (gold for chilled, silver for frozen), but are now optional.

“It’s an evolution, not a re-brand – the new look will be immediately recognised by anyone familiar with the original.”

Cervena logo
The new Cervena logo.

Duncan NZ marketing manager Glenn Tyrrell says the change is timely and follows a thorough review of how Cervena is marketed in the United States and Europe. In all markets, he says the primary outlets for Cervena for the marketing companies are foodservice and the primary targets are chefs. The new positioning reflects this.

“‘Pure Freedom’ has a double meaning. It implies that the meat in the package comes from animals that are raised in a natural environment. But most importantly it ties in with our messaging to chefs, particularly in Europe, that this is a versatile product that gives you the freedom to express your creativity and culinary expertise,” Tyrrell says.

“It’s also why we didn’t include the word ‘venison’ in the tagline. Some of the feedback from the market was that Cervena should be in its own category and have no association with the strong traditions and cooking styles associated with game meats.

“It allows us as marketers to build a story that aligns with where we are going in Europe. At the same time, we have tested the new look with our established customers in the US and they say it works perfectly for them.”

Innes Moffat, DINZ
Innes Moffat, P2P project manager for Deer Industry NZ.

Moffat says the five venison marketing companies agreed to review the imagery, messages and packaging guidelines that are used for Cervena as part of a push to use Cervena in a wider array of markets.

“The companies now produce a much wider range of cuts and they market them to much more diverse and sophisticated markets than they did when the appellation was launched.”

He says the packaging guidelines now require that the Cervena logo takes up at least 10 percent of the face of the package – less than it did previously.

“This allows the marketing company to make their branding and imagery more prominent, allowing Cervena to be used as an  appellation – an endorsement of the company brand, much as Champagne is an endorsement of brands like Moet, Veuve Clicquot and Mumm.”

The refreshed Cervena look is being rolled out progressively as the marketing companies update their promotional materials and packaging.


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