Cervena venison sandwich a big US hit

US quick service sandwich business Arbys is having a big hit with its new venison sandwich, featuring a thick-cut Cervena venison steak, in popular deer hunting states.

The latest Deer Industry News covers the results from the US trial launch of the new venison sandwich, which comes with crispy onions with a berry sauce on a toasted roll. The sandwiches were found in over 25 of the store’s restaurants located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia.

Forbes magazine characterised the overwhelmingly positive coverage of the new menu item, which saw people driving from an hour away to try it as: “Arby’s has figured out how to market venison – and has created a phenomenon,” it said.

Mountain River Venison and Mountain River Processors worked over eight months on the opportunity with their in-market partner Terra Pacific Marketing, refining the venison steak specification for Arby’s. Quality control was paramount.

“It certainly is a great vote of confidence for Cervena venison and should inspire more restaurant operators to be a little more adventurous,” Terra Pacific director Angus Cleland is quoted as saying.

Other news contained within the issue, alongside the usual venison and velvet market reports, is of two chefs vying head-to-head for the title of Best Venison Dish and the possibility of becoming Premier Master of Fine Cuisine in the 2017 Silver Fern Farms Premier Selection Awards. From the most recent NZ Deer Farmers’ Association Branch Chairs’ conference, there’s a focus on the growing chilled venison market, currently constrained by supply, and Duncan NZ’s Andrew Duncan looking at what it will take to move the venison schedule $7.50-9.00 ‘tramlines’ to $8.50-10.00.

Other articles talk about how deer farmers could be earning more per kg of product from the early 2020s thanks to the meat quality measurement sensor project and Southland processing adjusts to deer livestock flows.

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