Comment: Keith Woodford urges ‘NZ Mall’ on China’s

The Aussies have beaten us to it with setting up an Australian specific shopping mall on China’s online shopping website.

In his latest blog post, Lincoln University professor Keith Woodford says he has been urging New Zealand exporters to set up a New Zealand specific agri-food produce ‘mall’ on Chinese online shopping mall for a number of years, following work he did there for NZ Trade & Enterprise.

“Ironically, the current moves to set up Australia Mall on China’s have come not from Australia but from the founder and chief executive of,” he writes.

According to Woodford, is more than just a portal. “It also warehouses and manages all of the distribution logistics through to the Chinese consumers. In the big cities, the aim is no more than one hour from order to delivery.”

He’s urging the New Zealand Government to invite the portal’s owner, Richard Liu, to New Zealand for “serious discussion” of the issue.

His shopping basket of imagined Kiwi produce includes New Zealand lamb, beef and poultry. Is this something the red meat sector would take on board?

Read more at Keith Woodford’s blog…

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