Connecting through technology at MobileTECH 2016

Those intrigued with technology connecting the primary sector will be interested in MobileTECH 2016 coming up later this month in Rotorua.

Over 300 industry representatives from throughout the agriculture, horticulture and forestry sectors are anticipated to attend MobileTECH, a two-day conference focusing on new technologies and innovations designed for New Zealand’s food and fibre industries.

The conference has also attracted a solid contingent from across the Tasman, the organisers say. Some of Australia’s largest primary industry companies will be flying into Rotorua and joining the locals at the event.

The programme, boasting over 36 speakers, is bringing leaders from a diverse range of primary industries together with those who are developing, manufacturing and adopting these new technologies.

TECH Talks, a series of five minute presentations, will give audiences a ‘sneak peek’ or ‘elevator pitch’ on some of this country’s leading technologies.

“We have 14 TECH Talk presentations spread across two tight sessions and it’s going to be an exciting snapshot of practical technologies that have recently been adopted, rolled out and are showing real promise,” according to programme director Ken Wilson, who says if it works well they may look at expanding the feature at future events.

In the first session, Netherlands-based Connecterra, AgAlytics, OnSide, Sprout, Agrimap and Poutama will be presenting. TECH Talks on day two will feature Rezare Systems, Honeywell, TracMap, AgRecord, Sierra Wireless, Eagle Technology, Trackit and Aeronavics.

MobileTECH has five main sessions – Primary Industries 4.0, a Showcase for rural industry tech, the realities of working with tech, the big technologies impacing on the sector and the major issues going forward. Speakers include: Federated Farmers chief executive Graham Smith who will talk about how new technologies define the primary sector, young leaders will discuss their vision of what technologies they see powering their primary industry businesses in a panel; OSPRI chief executive Michelle Edge will look at the lessons, challenges and opportunities learned for NAIT in driving technology change in the rural industry; Joshua Miller, director of US company FarmShots will tell his tale via videolink of how a new tech startup started counting sheep; and FarmIQ’s Collier Isaacs will talk about using data to drive the operation and power new connections with the consumers. Amongst many more.

MobileTECH is being held in Rotorua 30-31 March 2016. Find out more at…

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