Creating the advantage

The packed and engaged workshop audience in 2015

The red meat industry will consider Creating the advantage after attending this year’s 2016 AgResearch Meat Industry workshop.

The popular annual event in the meat industry calendar will be held at the AgResearch Ruakura campus in Hamilton on Tuesday 15 March 2016.

Speakers in three planned sessions will consider the Creating the advantage theme and look at added value foods; value from quality; and food assurance and provenance. The day will end in a networking event over drinks and a barbecue.

Highlighting key points of differentiation in New Zealand meat products, the first ‘added value’ session will cover research projects focusing on credible health and nutritional benefits of meat products. ‘Value from quality’ will show research outcomes enabling the red meat industry to meet increasing demand for high value premium meat products in existing and new markets.

‘Fork-back-to-farm’ research, ensuring meat that is safe, of superior quality, has defendable provenance and is produced in ways that are attractive to consumers and underpins the New Zealand brand is the subject of the final session.

The 2016 AgResearch Meat Industry Workshop offers the research provider an opportunity to engage with meat industry collaborators and other stakeholders and to tell the team’s story as researchers, according to AgResearch’s Dr Cameron Craigie.

“Our attendees come not only to catch up with what AgResearch and other speakers are doing in the research space, but also to network with their industry peers. There is a real two way exchange of information,” he says.

Technical level managers from New Zealand meat companies, and other stakeholders, are invited.

The MIA’s own annual workshop will take place in the same venue the next day and Craigie hopes that invitees to that will take the opportunity to attend the AgResearch workshop too.

Registration closes 26 February 2016. For more information contact

This article has appeared in Food NZ magazine (February/March 2016) and is reproduced here with permission.

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