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DINZConf2015Venison marketers, processors and farmers will be able to view this year’s Deer Industry Conference live on the internet and be able to ask questions of speakers in real time, using a comment thread, email or tweet.

The conference is the industry’s 40th and the second to be live-streamed on internet-based Rural TV. Keynote speakers at last year’s conference attracted an on-line audience of 1,000-plus, five times the number of attendees at the main conference sessions.

Dan Coup, CEO Deer Industry New Zealand.“We expect viewer numbers will be up again this year. More farmers and others involved in the industry have heard about the service and are now comfortable watching TV on-line,” says Deer Industry NZ (DINZ) chief executive Dan Coup.

“It enables us to communicate with our stakeholders live, without any filters, wherever they are in the world. They in-turn can see and hear the speakers respond to questions and comments from both the physical and on-line audience.”

Interviews with sponsors during breaks in the conference programme also add value for the firms which play an important part in funding such events.

The 2015 conference is being held in Napier from 26-28 May. Speakers are now being finalised.

Coup says the programme will have a big focus on Passion2Profit. P2P is a joint venture between DINZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries under the Primary Growth Partnership. It aims to develop new year-round premium markets for venison and address barriers to productivity on the farm.

“Deer farming has a celebrated past and an exciting future. With P2P, both exporters and farmers have big parts to play in making the venison industry profitable and sustainable for everyone involved.

“The conference is an ideal forum for making it clear to everyone where the opportunities lie and how they can tap into them. Rural TV gives us a wonderful opportunity to communicate with large numbers of our stakeholders in a way that hasn’t been possible in the past.”

Sarah Perriam, co-founder and chief executive of Rural TV, the country’s rural digital media channel, says the conference coverage will be hosted on

“Deer farmers are known as pioneering people and it’s great to have them working with us as we further develop our offerings for rural viewers. Rural broadband services have now improved to the point where livestreamed video is easy for most rural people to watch.”

She says it’s always interesting to watch social media activity during conferences.

“There’s a growing number of people at farming conferences spreading the word through Twitter and other channels. Last year, we had agriculture students and food industry professionals in Asia watching the deer conference livestream and commenting, as were young farmers sitting in the conference room.

“Livestreaming and social media work together, breathing life into learning and communication between market participants,” says Perriam.

The conference has an official Twitter account @DeerNZ15 and hashtag #dinzconf15 for people to follow the live updates.

All of the livestreamed video content will be posted on the DINZ YouTube channel within a week after the conference, where it will be able to be viewed and downloaded on demand.

The Deer Industry Conference – Hindsight to Foresight 40 years on – will take place from Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 May 2015, Napier War Memorial Centre, New Zealand.

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