Deer industry is in a good space

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The deer industry is in a good space, concludes newly re-elected Deer Industry NZ chairman Ian Walker.

He was quoted in an article in the latest edition of Deer Industry News (August/September 2018) giving highlights from the recent Red Meat Sector Conference held in Napier. This had flagged up protein demand trends and that New Zealand’s opportunities are in the added-value space, rather than the commodity trade, along with evidence of cultural change for the sheepmeat and beef sector, but that there are trade clouds on the horizon.

Walker’s conclusion is that the deer industry’s strategy, including the Passion2Profit Primary Growth Partnership programme with its focus on marketing and on-farm productivity, is the right one.

“I think the deer industry is in a good space.”

This edition also includes news of demand rising for Pāmu Venison in Auckland and the US. The state-owned farmer is working in partnership with venison exporter Duncan NZ Ltd.

Other major news in the magazine is a shift in focus for the deer industry onto environmental matters. The DINZ board will also shortly be consulting on increased spending, possibly in the region of $260,000, on environmental stewardship for the sector. The proposed spending will be spread across engagement with regulators, research and working with deer farmers to help them get on top of environmental management, writes Walker in the magazine’s editorial.

Another change proposed by the board is an official DINZ levy at 1.5 cents per kg to fund DeerPRO (formerly Johne’s Management Ltd). This would replace the former DeerPRO levy.

Other than that other work in the programme already underway will continue, with a few tweaks, say

You can read about this and plenty of on-farm action in the latest edition, available for download here …

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