Deer industry leader was “the most enigmatic of men”

He was “the most enigmatic of men”, is the description given to 1990s deer industry leader and former Game Industry Board (GIB) chair Richard Riddiford, who sadly died in late July after a short battle with cancer.

His obituary in the latest edition of Deer Industry News recounts the cervine portion of the career of the founder of Palliser Estate Wines and the ‘godfather’ of Martinborough.  He was on the GIB board when the Cervena Strategy was launched, “an initiative that shared many of the marketing principles he applied so successfully to Palliser Wines,” writes Trevor Walton.

Other items of interest in this edition are a trial update on the latest Cervena to Europe programme, venison and velvet updates and the latest activity in the industry’s Passion2Profit Primary Growth Partnership and DEERSelect R&D programmes. Plus, the news that, after eight years, the Johne’s Disease Research Consortium is winding up. The industry, government and science community joint venture to which the deer industry contributed has advanced tools based on existing knowledge of the disease and better equipped farmers to manage its effects, the article notes.

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