Deer Milk on the menu at prestigious Asian Restaurant Awards night

Deer Milk Macau v2
Pāmu deer milk panacottas at the Wynn Hotel in Macau.

Pāmu Deer Milk featured on the menu at the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, being held at the Wynn in Macau, early on Wednesday morning, New Zealand time.

Pāmu deer milk, which was made into a pannacotta for the event, is invaluable exposure for the product in the Asian market, says Pāmu’s business development manager Hamish Glendinning.

Pamu Deer Milkv2“Asia’s restaurant scene is very competitive and for Pāmu deer milk to be on the menu at their annual awards menu is a real coup.”

Glendinning said Pāmu worked with New Zealand foodservice company Eat The Kiwi, which supplies premium New Zealand products in Asia, to secure the spot on the menu.

“There is arguably no better venue or event to showcase the unique properties of deer milk, than at one of the region’s most prestigious restaurant events. To be on the menu at this event is a measure of the growing interest in the product, especially from chefs who want to work with new and exciting ingredients.”

Following a successful launch in New Zealand and Australia, Pāmu is now in the early stages of developing Asian markets in partnership with Eat The Kiwi.

“We are taking a cautious approach with a select number of chefs, but the inclusion of deer milk at tonight’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards is a real boost for the profile of our product on the international stage,” says Glendinning.

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