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Meat processors are among those collecting a wealth of farm data that could be put to better use if it could be shared more easily, securely and quickly. That’s one step closer now for those accredited to a new Farm Data Code of Practice (CoP).

It’s essential, not only to speed up innovation, but also to ensure the red meat sector has all the information at its fingertips in its productivity and profitability drive, says Vicki Fabling, project manager for the CoP who is charged with helping companies to work through the accreditation process.

The initiative started in the dairy industry through DairyNZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries, as part of the Transforming the Dairy Value Chain Primary Growth Programme, and it has expanded to include the red meat industry too. Red meat PGPs FarmIQ Systems and the Red Meat Profit Partnership have provided funding for the development and launch of the Code.

“It’s for all organisations that collect, store and share primary production data, such as meat processors and farm management tools,” she explains.

Those accredited to the code use common terminology to make land and animal information easier to share.

AccreditedNZFarmDataStd“Transparency around data rights and how farm data is managed is at the heart of the Code” says Fabling. “It provides farmers with confidence that their data is managed with appropriate security in place, and they know how their data may be shared.”

A new company, Farm Data Accreditation Ltd, has been established to own and manage the CoP. The Meat Industry Association and Beef + Lamb NZ are among the seven shareholders governing the service, which is administered day-to-day by DairyNZ.

Becoming accredited is not onerous. On approval of an application – which is independently reviewed – and payment of a fee, those accredited will receive an annual licence and certificate and get the trademark for use. Farmers then know they’re dealing with a company which respects their information.

It’s early days, but companies like FarmIQ, Farmax and Gateway Data Services have already signed up, says Fabling.

“The CoP is one of a suite of farm data initiatives being driven in the primary sector, aimed at making better use of information throughout the value chain.”

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