Duncan Venison unveils the ‘Bistro Fillet’

Duncan NZ Bistro Fillet
Duncan New Zealand's Bistro Fillet

Duncan Venison, one of New Zealand’s original venison producers, has developed a brand new item, which it has named the “Bistro Fillet.” The restaurant quality cut will be available to the New Zealand public from 1 July, through a recently developed online store at duncan-nz.com.

Andrew and Vinnie Duncan, owners of the company, discovered the bistro fillet when looking into ways to make the venison leg more useable, consistent and convenient for restaurants. They found a way to trim and portion the meat in that area, which has resulted in a tender, top quality cut that is ready for immediate cooking and serving.

“We decided to take a step away from standard processes, to see if we were missing any interesting opportunities,” explains owner Vinnie Duncan. “Working with new ways to break down the four parts of the venison leg, and developing new markets for the resulting product, has been a real eye-opener. We can now create a tasty, naturally tender, plate-ready cut that provides a consistent and reliable eating experience, which hasn’t been offered before. It is tender like a loin fillet, but has an outstanding flavour.”

“It has had very good reviews from the chefs that have tried it,” she adds. “We are really excited about having a new product to offer. After 25 years in business, it’s great to still be at the front of new opportunities. We can’t wait to see what Kiwis think of it.”

 This is one of the first times that Duncan Venison has allowed consumers to purchase its venison, which has been popular with the hospitality trade since the company was established in 1990.
Gourmet meatballs made with Duncan NZ’s new premium venison mince.

“We’re hoping that this new cut will get consumers thinking about venison, and perhaps even encourage those that haven’t tried it before to give it a go,” says Vinnie. “A common misconception is that venison has a strong, gamey flavour, but that is actually only true for wild animals. Ours are grass-fed and free-range, which means the venison is more delicately flavoured.

“It is also hugely versatile and quick to prepare. The Bistro Fillet only requires one minute each side per cm thickness, at high heat. It’s the ultimate healthy fast food, with twice as much iron as beef, and less fat than skinless chicken.”

Duncan Venison is launching two venison packs for consumers on 1 July: the Duncan Venison Gourmet Pack, which includes six servings of shortloins, eight servings of bistro fillets, and 12 servings of premium mince; and the Duncan Venison Family Pack, which includes 12 servings of bistro fillets, and 15 servings of premium mince.

The bistro fillet, and all other cuts, are also available to the hospitality trade.

RRP for the Duncan Venison Gourmet Back is $149. RRP for the Duncan Venison Family Pack is $109.

Duncan Venison is produced from the open pastures of New Zealand in a natural, free-range environment. The venison is grass-fed and receives no hormones or antibiotics. It is low in fat, calories and cholesterol. It is also available year-round, making it an ideal and healthy protein choice for any season, says the company.

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