Encouraging results from Taste Pure Nature origin brand launch 

Taste Pure Nature origin brand

Early results are very encouraging from Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd (B+LNZ)’s rollout of its Taste Pure Nature country-of-origin brand campaign in California. 

Since officially launching on Thursday 21 March, there have been 162 articles written about Taste Pure Nature with potential media impressions of 125.2 million. In-market paid promotion will begin this week, with digital advertising bringing the story of New Zealand’s naturally-raised, grass-fed beef and lamb to the attention of tens of thousands more people.

Andrew Morrison
Andrew Morrison.

“This is a really exciting moment for our sector. We’ve seen the success that similar country-of-origin branding initiatives have had for some of our key competitors, but the reality is none of them can replicate the way we farm here in New Zealand.  With consumers rightfully taking more of an interest in the way their food was raised or grown, Taste Pure Nature gives us the vehicle to leverage New Zealand’s competitive advantage,” says B+LNZ chairman Andrew Morrison.

The primary goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and drive preference for grass-fed beef and lamb from New Zealand. B+LNZ is initially working with three New Zealand export and marketing companies to develop collaborative plans that leverage Taste Pure Nature in their brand building efforts in the US market The Lamb Company (that has Silver Fern Farms, ANZCO and Alliance as shareholders); First Light; and Atkins Ranch.  Angus Pure and Coastal Spring Lamb have also been granted a license to use the Taste Pure Nature brand resources.

John Loughlin at RMSC 2018
John Loughlin, speaking at RMSC 2018

“There is full support for the initiative from all New Zealand meat exporting and marketing companies,” says John Loughlin, chairman of the Meat Industry Association.

Nick Beeby, B+LNZ’s general manager market development, says that while all their research validated Taste Pure Nature would resonate with consumers, he’s been pleasantly surprised with the results so far.

“We’ve always been confident that Taste Pure Nature will be well received, but even so the results from launch have been pleasantly surprising,” says Beeby.

“While we’re taking a long-term view of building the profile of the Taste Pure Nature brand and understanding of New Zealand’s farming systems in California and the United States, to hit the ground running highlights just how receptive our target market is for New Zealand beef and lamb.”

The target audience for Taste Pure Nature is a consumer group identified through two years of in-depth research and dubbed the “Conscious Foodie”.

Nick Beeby
Nick Beeby, speaking at the Meat Technology Workshop earlier this month.

“These Conscious Foodies’ care about the provenance of their food, they want to know it was raised ethically and as naturally as possible, and they want to build experiences around their food,” says Beeby.

“Our research shows that where food aligns with their personal values, these Conscious Foodies’ are willing to pay a premium. That, combined with them wanting their food to be raised in the most natural way possible, makes these consumers the ideal target segment for New Zealand beef and lamb.”

The rollout of Taste Pure Nature in California is a pilot, designed to fully test the brand in-market, with a view to scaling broader throughout the US and other international markets if successful.

“Speaking with other origin brand owners such as Australia’s True Aussie and Ireland’s Origin Green, we know their long-term success has depended on them constantly testing and evolving their approach, and that’s the same mentality we’re taking with Taste Pure Nature,” says Beeby.

“To measure that success, we’ll be measuring things such as preference for New Zealand beef and lamb, and longer-term looking for an improvement in price relative to our main competitors.”

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