Farmers don’t support MIE remit

Farmers have chosen not to support two Meat Industry Excellence (MIE) Farmer Remits debated at the Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ Ltd) Annual Meeting held at Waitangi, Northland, last week.

The first MIE remit was: “That Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd endorse and fund all professional costs incurred by Meat Industry Excellence (MIE) to continue developing and implementing the savings and positive opportunities as identified by MIE in the farmer-funded “Pathways to Long Term Sustainability Report”. who conducted the vote on behalf of B+LNZ said that the first remit was lost on a vote of 75 per cent against and 23 per cent in favour.

The second MIE remit: “That the two positions of processor representation on Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd be removed and replaced initially with two directors from Meat Industry Excellence (MIE)” also failed with 76 per cent of voters against and 20 per cent in favour.

The voting breakdown was:-

B+LNZ Ltd Farmer Remits 2016



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