Feel-good smallgoods for NZ from First Light Foods

First Light venison sausages
First Light's Venison & True Honey Manuka Smoked Sausage from the new range.

First Light Foods, New Zealand’s premier grass-fed wagyu and venison producer, has created a new specialist range of preservative-free sausages in partnership with some of the country’s best-loved brands – Barker’s, Whitestone Cheese and The True Honey Co – and they’re on shelves only at selected New Zealand supermarkets now.

First Light’s co-founder Jason Ross says the sausages taste so good because they contain only carefully selected cuts of meat from happy, free-ranging animals.

“Our farmers, stretched across 150 of the finest Kiwi farms, are passionate about raising stress-free animals. Also, we don’t put gluten, nitrates, or any preservatives of any kind in our sausages – they’re a feel-good smallgood,” says Jason.

The sausages – a Wagyu & Whitestone Cheese Kransky, Wagyu & Barker’s Chipotle Bratwurst and a Venison & True Honey Manuka Honey Smoked Sausage – are briefly pre-cooked, in the European-style Jason has encountered many times while travelling.

“I have a huge amount of admiration for the artisan producers of Germany and Italy in particular. They take real pride in the art of sausage-making and charcuterie – and, of course, their product is cooked.”

The sausages are fab on the barbecue, or in a bun, but equally delicious as an ingredient in paella, risotto, on pizza or with pasta.

Jason says with an increasingly health-conscious community of consumers calling for high quality food, produced authentically and transparently, it made sense to launch the range this year – and to collaborate with others who share First Light’s ethos.

“We want mums and dads to know that what they’re feeding their kids – and themselves – is as natural and healthy as possible. We chose our brand partners just as carefully as we do our farmers. They are all Kiwi companies who like to do things the way we do – the un-rushed, unadulterated, old-fashioned way.”

First Light’s kransky, bratwurst and smoked sausages are available now at selected supermarkets in New Zealand (RRP $12.99 per pack).


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